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Casey 9th Oct, 2011+0
Loa said she was doing a project for her Community college in Austin TX. I called the number back and a male answered. I told him that I had gotten a call from this number, he replied it was probably from his roomate. Asked my name and put me on hold. Hold? in a residence...interesting. Jimmy came on the line and said he was doing a research project for his community college. I asked what project, and he said he would look it up. As he was doing that,I told him it was an interesting method they had going considering it was a woman who called. He hemmed and hawed a bit and did not seem to know what to say. I told him to have a good day as I was laughing. We get a lot of calls like this from this area. They seem to be more phishing for information or headhunting than being legit about a school project. Definetly a RED FLAG warning!
dabreaz 30th Sep, 2011+0
I can`t tell you any information about me for security.
Lakisha McNeal 13th Sep, 2011+0
Who can i call to see if i did have this issue, they call harrassing me. that i owed money to a short term loan and i actually made a payment to them. so what should i do i feel so dumb
violetfrost 30th Aug, 2011+0
Called but didnt leave message I didnt answer since I dont know the number and a prefix 000 sounds weird to me...
here is the truth 23rd Aug, 2011+0
The caller is trying to sell a long distance service. They call us several times a day, I am on the Do Not Call list, I called back to have my number put specifically on their Do Not Call List, I told a caller 1-2 months ago to stop calling, and just told another today after they called twice in 15 minutes. Next time, formal complaints are issued. This is, bar none, the most annoying telemarketer that I know of. If I ever had any interest in the service that they are selling, I would never do business with them simply because of their behaviour.
NeverMind 10th Aug, 2011+0
I want this stopped immediately!!!
sdf4409 9th Aug, 2011+0
Silence on the other end of the line, then they hang up. weird..
bigal 3rd Aug, 2011+0
This number is from the Securities Exchange Commission. It is annoying because you can't call it back when you've missed the call.
Jackie 3rd Aug, 2011+0
I have been receiving calls from this number for several weeks. No messages have been left, I'm not sure what they want.
kati 31st Jul, 2011+0
Not sure who it is but they call my cell phone today when i anserwed it they hung up tried to call it back busy for an hour then when i got through when it was not busy no one anserwad the call! Would like to know if they got the wrong number or if they are prank calling me this has happened on my home phone far too many times and my old cell phone to the point i changed my cell phone number last year and i don't want to have to do that again!

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